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Company profile

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Hunan Lanyue Medical Technology Co., Ltd. adheres to the fighting spirit of "dare to catch the moon, dare to catch turtles", with the ambition of "attract talents from the world, live up to this time", knowledgeable, accumulated, fully explore the clinical experience of more than ten years, and constantly improve and develop medical devices suitable for clinical practice.

Lanyue Medical mainly focuses on the research, development, production of andrology, urology and sales of gynecological products.The company's products include a whole series of male products, children's penis short treatment system, ultrasound gynecological treatment instrument, children's penis short treatment system, in the field of male department is unique, leading the market market.

With a number of invention and utility model patents, he is the vice president of Hunan Medical Device Industry Association.Lanyue medical will successively develop a number of male equipment, determined to become the most complete and the latest functional male equipment in the national and even global professional equipment manufacturers.Several patents and trademarks have been applied for.